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by Joe Caslin

Inclusion Health - A Primary Care Team with a difference

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A night with the medical team on the front line of the migrant crisis

The charity Safetynet is providing free x-ray tests to asylum seekers in Ireland, helping to tackle the spread of disease in IPAS centres

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Almost 100 migrant tents now on along canal

Carole Coleman (RTE 1), reports from the area.

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Over 100 international protection applicants continue to be housed on a site in Crooksling near Tallaght in Dublin this evening

with Dr. Fiona O' Reilly, CEO of Safetynet Primary Care and Labour Party TD Aodhán Ó Ríordáin

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Tents for International Protection applicants 'inhumane' - GP service
Dr Angy Skuse, GP and Medical Director of SafetyNet Primary Care has described conditions for rough sleeping International Protection Applicants in Dublin 2 as "inhumane" and called on the Government to provide "a managed shelter" for them.

Interview with Dr. Fiona O' Reilly, of Safetynet Primary Care

Medical charity treating asylum seekers living in tents calls for ‘emergency shelter’

Safetynet Primary Care Mobile Covid-19 testing and tracing vulnerable groups

Mount Street
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The Department of Integration confirms International Protection Applicants (IPAS) emergency accommodation arrangements to end

The medical charity Safetynet has said it is disappointed that short-term emergency accommodation offered to IPAS sleeping in tents on the streets of Dublin could not be extended. CEO of Safetynet Primary Care Dr Fiona O'Reilly said the charity had dealt with many homeless people suffering in the cold weather at the moment..... read more

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Up to 200 asylum seekers sleeping in makeshift camp in Dublin city centre 

Volunteers providing food and tents say men are experiencing skin and respiratory conditions, gastrointestinal illnesses... read more

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Coroners call for tighter controls on “coffin tablet” Pregabalin 

Dr. Angie Skuse, GP and medical Director of Safetynet... read more


Debate needed on how Covid technologies exclude most vulnerable, says charity chief 

Safetynet chief executive Dr Fiona O’Reilly also warned that the Government needs to plan now for a future migrant crisis... read more 


A day in the life of a nurse working with the homeless

“Trying to convince someone to go to hospital when you know they are on deaths' door, and they refuse for whatever reason, that can be a difficult situation to be in,” says Sinéad Grogan who has worked in the homeless sector for 11 years... read more 

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Safetynet Primary Care’s CEO Dr Fiona O Reilly PhD and Medical Director Dr Angela Skuce were invited to submit a statement to and appear before the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Children, Disability, Equality, and Integration relating to the agenda item “Experiences of Migrant Communities engaging with State Bodies, the health care system and other social services”.

Migrants face barriers to accessing health and social services, committee hears
Migrant communities in Ireland face many barriers to accessing health and social services, in addition to discrimination and negative attitudes towards them, TDs and Senators have heard.....  Continue reading

A lack of interpreting services “impedes” the ability of health and social services in Ireland to understand the needs of non-English speaking migrants, 
Fiona O Reilly, chief executive of Safetynet Primary Care, told the committee.

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Physical and Mental Health: How can migrants access Health Services in Ireland?
Our Medical Director Dr Angy Skuce was a guest speaker on a webinar hosted by the New Communities Partnership (  Some very important information was discussed about a wide range of services and their availability. You can watch it back Here

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Safetynet CEO Fiona O’Reilly in conversation with Sarah Caden at the Irish Independent 

         Read here ......


The Mater Hospital, HSE and Safetynet open a Covid-19 Community Assessment Hub aimed at caring for those experiencing homelessness and others unable to access treatment


Minister for Health opens new Hub at the Mater which will care and treat the most marginalised in the inner city

8th May 2020 



Coverage Report: Covid Hub Launch

08 May 2020

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How frontline workers in Ireland's homeless services 'had to change everything' in 2020

Irish homelessness charity Safteynet had to adapt the services it provides due to Covid-19. 2020 saw a 35 per cent increase in homeless deaths in Ireland.  Video: Enda O'Dowd


  • YouTube
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‘Being in Ireland feels like winning the lottery’: Syrians arrive after delay due to Covid    Video...      

Fire Moria Camp: Call for urgent evacuation and radical change

Aboard the Rapid testing bus

29 SEPT 2020

Spending a night with Safetynet's Mobile Health Unit

13 AUG 2020


reporter Josh Crosbie spent a night on the road with them to find out how they operate      Read more...


How Dublin's homeless are being tested for Covid-19

Safetynet is a primary care facility for marginalised people in society who do not have access to healthcare. They have reconfigured to respond specifically to the coronavirus pandemic. Video: Enda O'Dowd



The MSF scientist helping ‘break the chain’ of COVID-19 among Ireland’s most vulnerable

4th June 2020   


Minister for Health opens new Hub at the Mater which will care and treat the most marginalised in the inner city

8th May 2020      


Homeless support groups making contingency plans for the spread of Covid-19

13 March 2020

Fiona O'Reilly, CEO of Safetynet Primary Care, said immediate issues that needed to be decided included drop-in centres, provision of food parcels, and transport for those who may begin to show symptoms.



Covid-19 affecting people living in extreme poverty

22 April 2020

Frontline workers operating on the margins of Irish society are reporting a "very high proportion" of positive Covid-19 cases among people living in extreme poverty.


Safetynet COVID-19 response – Update

6 April 2020

Safetynet have reconfigured our services in response to COVID-19 to identify, triage test and treat homeless and vulnerable people. Our reconfigured service means those with symptoms can be tested quicker and appropriately supported subsequently.


Bringing vital epilepsy care directly to homeless people in the community

10 February 2020    

Homeless support groups making contingency plans for the spread of Covid-19
Homeless support organisations are making contingency plans for the spread of Covid-19 among those in emergency accommodation and accessing night services.

It came as calls increased for extra capacity within homeless services to cater for an outbreak, with one organisation CEO querying whether the government should be checking on the availability of hotels or the capacity of the Army to erect a field hospital if required.

Fiona O'Reilly, CEO of Safetynet Primary Care, which has outreach teams that deal with the medical issues of those sleeping rough, said immediate issues that needed to be decided included drop-in centres, provision of food parcels, and transport for those who may begin to show symptoms.

A new homeless outreach epilepsy project, run by consultant neurologist Dr Colin Doherty, together with Cara Synnott, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Dr Elizabeth Doran, Specialist Registrar and Dr Cliona Ni Cheallaigh Consultant in Inclusion Health at St James’s Hospital, in partnership with Safetynet GP Dr Enda Barron, aims to reduce ED visits by the homeless by 30 per cent and improve overall care for this group by providing an outreach epilepsy service in the community ...


There are clear victims here – the men, women and children who were forced to flee their homes, Dr Fiona O’Reilly writes....

The Irish Medical Times Special Report
In the alleys and shadows, Street medicine heals the homeless

...[A Homeless Service user] has credited the Safetynet Primary Care service – a medical charity that delivers free primary care services to marginalised groups – with saving her life.  She described the walk from the tent she was living in to the Safetynet Primary Care mobile health unit, which provides free healthcare to rough sleepers, as the 20-minute journey that saved both her and her partner’s lives. ...

ISMS-101.jpg covers a story which mentions St. James's Hospital. 
Mobile x-ray unit launches TB testing clinic
RTE highlights primary care for homeless people
Mobile health unit provides primary care for Dublin's homeless people
'Safety Net': providing primary healthcare for the homeless
Midlands woman 'would not be dead' if local drug treatment was available

The Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health was told today there is an urgent need for the link between ill health and homelessness to be recognised.

'The life of a doctor without borders'
Darragh Bermingham - Irish Examiner
21 January 2020

GP Maitiu Ó Tuathail travels across Ireland to be the first point of contact for newly arrived refugees. He hears stories of rape and torture ...

Press Release: 16th December 2019
Affidea Donate MRI scans to Safetynet Primary Care for people experiencing Homelessness, Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Today Affidea Ireland have announced that they are to partner with Safetynet Primary care, a medical charity that provides medical care to Ireland's most marginalised. 


Disease Surveillance Report of HPSC, Ireland

Volume 20, Issue 11  November 2019 

mainMediaSize=537x291_type=image_publish covers a story which mentions St. James's Hospital. 
Mobile x-ray unit in Ireland used for tuberculosis screening
GAA, knitting and English classes help Syrians start their new lives in Ireland

Coming from a country destroyed by bombs and air strikes, many of these people have not only lost all their worldly possessions, but their livelihoods too. Businesses and homes have been turned to rubble.

Safetynet director Fiona O´Reilly interviewed on RTE's Late Late Show
Fiona joins Ryan Tubridy to discuss Safetynet's response to the severe weather, and the opportunity it provides to engage with people who had not previously used the service

Fiona O’Reilly (Safetynet GM) in art advocacy calling for addiction to be treated as a health care issue not a criminal one.

Why do we need the Controlled Drugs & Harm Reduction Bill? Watch this short video to find out
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