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Safetynet Primary Care is a medical charity that aims to identify the gaps in the healthcare system and to provide GP and nursing services to people who otherwise have no access to healthcare including people experiencing homelessness and increasingly the global homeless. Over the last year this has included people fleeing the war in Ukraine and increasing numbers of people fleeing war and persecution in other parts of the world.

Our GPs and nurses work tirelessly treating and advocating for people who have the highest need and the lowest access to getting these needs met. Much of our services are funded by the HSE Social Inclusion Office but not all needs are met by this funding which is why the money raised by fundraisers like this are so welcome and vital.

It will allow us to create a fund for specialised treatments and assessments that they simply can’t afford, along with other very practical needs. Our GPs, nurses and support staff are well positioned at the coal face to be able to identify individual needs. The money raised by this event will go towards meeting those needs thus contributing to the health and wellbeing of the people on the margins of society.

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