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As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Safetynet established a Covid Cluster Rapid Response Team (CCRR) to respond to COVID-19 outbreaks identified in high Covid risk, congregated settings among vulnerable and marginalised communities in Ireland (emergency accommodation, direct provision centres, Traveller and Roma communities). The purpose was to help reduce the spread in COVID-19 among these vulnerable groups through early identification, mass testing and removal of positive cases to isolation facilities. It was partly funded by the HSE and was also awarded funding through Rethink Ireland’s Innovate Together Fund. The team was set up to provide mobile testing at emergency accommodation/outbreak sites with referral for isolation and follow up care arranged for any positive cases identified.

This unit responded to almost 200 outbreaks testing approx. 14000 people across and while testing continues as required, emphasis now is on prevention through vaccination.

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