Winners of HSE 2018 Health Service Excellence Award


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Safetynet Primary Care is a medical charity that delivers quality care to those marginalized in society without access to healthcare, including homeless people, drug users and migrants. We also facilitate a network of health services working with homeless people care to ensure a coordinated approach and promote best practice. 
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Everyone has equal access to health care


To deliver the highest possible standard of healthcare to marginalized and vulnerable groups while providing professional support to those working with these groups.

  • Quality: Everyone who accesses our services should expect to be given the highest possible care we can give.
  • Transparency: All our employees, partners, sponsors and service users should always expect us to be honest and open with them.

  • Self-Efficacy: Encourage all who use our services to take care of their health.

  • Inclusion: We ensure that we serve all those that are considered hard to reach.

  • Flexible: Make services fit the person rather than the other way round

We believe that everyone has a right to health care regardless of means, circumstance, race or creed. We try to think outside the box to implement services that adapt to the patient rather than expecting the patient to fit with the system. We do not judge people or blame them for their health condition. We see homelessness as an unhealthy state and do what we can to assist moving out of it. We respect the choices of our patients and work tirelessly to assist them in achieving health and happiness.
Catherine Mc Auley Centre,    

21 Nelson Street,

Dublin 7

Contact Numbers:

Administration & Finance        087-1523589

Mobile Health & Screening     087-3559722 

Homeless PC Team Inreach     087-1762246

Homeless PC Team Outreach  087-6520225

Homeless PC Team Support    087-2220402

Board of Directors

Kevin Kenny, Dr. Brian Melaugh,

Dr. Cliona Ní Cheallaigh, Síle Kelly,

Frank Mills, Dr. Philip Wiehe,

Frances O’Keefe, David Cagne

Safetynet is a registered charity

(No. CHY19388)

Company Ltd by guarantee Registered No. 471026

© Safetynet